Only the best UHL Approved, Low Voltage LED holiday lights in Scottsdale, PV and Phoenix

Traditional Style LED C-9 bulbs


These LED lights look like the Traditional Incandescent Bulbs but use a fraction of the energy so you can run more lights on one outlet, and they don't get hot! You choose the color and we custom cut the lines for your home. 

Diamond Faceted LED C-9 bulbs

LED C-9 bulb in multi color

For large properties and the environmentally conscience, we also offer LED C-9 bulbs in any color. Pure White and Warm White not shown.

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LED Mini Lights


We're migrating toward more energy efficient, LED lighting. These last longer and consume a fraction of the energy. 

Net Lighting


Book early to get your choice of colors for a dramatic effect on bushes and landscape. These LED Net lights really make a significant impact to your installation. 

Custom light installations

Custom Light installation

Call today for your quote for holiday light installation in Scottsdale, PV and Phoenix.

Icicle Lights

Custom installed icicle lights

Shown here in Pure White, our Icicle lights will have a dramatic effect. Aso available in Warm White. 

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Pricing listed are estimates. Proposal will be provided with address and full scope project

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